The Soul Complex

I take my model from the interaction with Askr and Embla and Wodanaz/Wiljon/We as my model for the soul.   First off, the base for the soul complex, which I contend is what the "worlds" really are in the world tree (the world tree being the soul). Niflheimr (Matter), Muspelheimr (Energy) -- the two building... Continue Reading →


I am the Storm

It began one night, I found myself in a storm.  Standing in the center of a tornadow.  There were objects being flung around in the winds and hard rains, lightning flashed within the clouds. I saw a black-cloaked figure with a giant sword is the distance.  A figure would burst through the storm, and attack... Continue Reading →

All in the Family

I had a few other dealings with Hel along with the previous two posts, but each dealt with personal problems that are of little consequence now. This one is not dealing with Hel directly, however, it does follow the previous dealing with Hel outlined in Kiss of Hel. I was in a certain bar, with... Continue Reading →

Kiss of Hel

Kiss of Hel I had several encounters with Hel after that first one, not much to speak of, just her dealing with some of my personal issues. I had made a statement to another heathen I knew at the time that I think I was a bit smitten with Loki's daughter, as she wasn't what... Continue Reading →

Hel’s Hair

Hel's Hair Shortly after I had done the first ritual to Hel where I offered her blood in wine, I had my first encounter with her. I know, I know, you expect dragons and bloody wolves and such, but not this time. No, I had done the ritual on a Saturday night. That moday morning... Continue Reading →

Why Nebel Zauberer?

Why Nebel Zauberer?  Firstly, it means "Mist Wizard or Sorcerer" in German. I am one who follows and emulates the god Wuotan, specifically his aspect of Böverkr, or "Bale-Worker".  A mist wizard is one who walks into the unknown, the shadows of life where others fear to tread.  We walk straight into the darkness and... Continue Reading →

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